HTML Interview questions and answers

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1. what is meant by HTML?


HTML is the full form of hypertext markup language Used to describe the structure of web pages. HTML is a case-insensitive.This is to do create a page on the web.


2. Who is developed HTML?


HTML was developed by Tim Berners-lee in the year 1990.


3. what are the HTML tags are available?


<h1> to <h6>


4. What are the different versions of HTML of available?


HTML 1991

HTML 2.0 1995

HTML 3.2 1997

HTML4.0 1999

HTML 5 2014


5. What are the types of the list in HTML?


1. order list

2.Unorder list

3. definition list


6. What are the Editors are used in HTML?



2. Notepad ++

3. Adobe Dreamweaver


7. What are the types of heading tags available in HTML?


In HTML <h1> tag to <h6> tags are available.


8. what is the use of the alt tag in HTML?


It is used to specify an alternative text for an image if the image is not displayed on the websites.


9. what is meant by Anchor tag in HTML?


The anchor tag is used to create a link in HTML  and the syntax is


<a href=””>Seoghazana</a>


10. Mention some Html Attributes?


1. Href

2. Src

3. Width and Height

4. Alt

5. Style

6. Lang


11. What is the use of the <P>?


It is used to define the Paragraph elements.


12. What is the use of the style attribute in HTML and give the syntax of that?


The style is used to give the special appearance to a particular element.

Syntax : <tagname style = “property : value;”>


13. Mention some HTML formatting elements ?


1. <b> — Bold text

2. <em> — It is an emphazied text

3. <mark> — It is used to mark the text

4. <i> — It is the Italic text


14. What is meant by Comments in HTML?


By using Comments we can able to add a notification or reminder to our program.

<! — This is a comment —–>

<p> This is a paragraph. </p>

<! —- Remember to add more information here —>


15. Is it Hexadecimal color is used in HTML?


Yes, In HTML Hexadecimal color is used to give the exact match to the color.


16. What is meant by Links in HTML and also mention the syntax?


Links are the Hyperlinks in the Web world. If you click a link it is moved from one page to another page.

<a href=””>seoghazana</a>


17. What is the use of the Href Tag?


It is used to mention the direction of the particular address.


18. What is the use of the <img> tag in HTML ?


The <img> is used to convey path of the particular image.


19. What is meant by Table in HTML and mention the tags used to create a Tables?


In HTML table is used to give the structure to the particular element.

Tags used to create table is:

1. <th> — Table Head

2. <td> — Table Data

3. <tr> —- Table Row


20. What is meant by Block-level Elements?


Block level elements always start with the new line and it occupies the full space.


21. Mention some Block level Elements?


1. <address>

2. <article>

3. <aside>

4. <blockquote>

5. <Canvas>

6. <fieldset>

7. <figcaption>

8. <figure>

9. <footer>

10. <form>


22. What is meant by Inline Elements and give the example?


Inline elements do not start with the new line. It is also quite different from the block level elements.’

Example :

<span>This is the Example</span>


23. What is meant by the <div> tag in HTML ?


DIV is a container of the HTML elements to occupy the space to other elements.


24. What is the use of the ID attribute in HTML?


ID Attribute is used to specify a unique identification to a particular tag to give the proper style to that.


25. What is meant by Class Attribute in HTML?


The class attribute is used to specify the one to multiple identifications to a particular tag to give the proper style to them.


26. What is the use of the Iframe and give me the syntax?


An iframe is used to display a web page with in a page.

syntax : <iframe src =”” height=”200″ width=”300″></iframe>


27. Is it possible to remove the border for Iframe in HTML?


yes, we can able to remove the border of the Iframe in HTML

<iframe src=”” style=”border:none;”></iframe>


28. Mention the HTML layout elements?











29. In HTML Audio files are supported or not?


Yes. Audio files are supported in HTML and it is used to add an audio or music to a particular web page in the websites.



30. Mention some different from Elements in HTML?


1. Color

2. Date

3. Datetime-local

4. Email

5. Time

6. URL

7. Range

8. Number and search


31. What is the use of the Required attribute in HTML?


The Required attribute is used to fill the text or textarea to gain the user information. It may be a name, e-mail id, phone number etc.


32. What is meant by Autocomplete in HTML?


It allows the browser to forecast the value in the web pages.


33. What is meant by Marquee tag in HTML?


Marquee tag is used to create a scrolling text which means to create running text in the web pages.

<Marquee>Some Text Here…… </Marquee>


34. What is meant by Hyperlinks?


Hyperlinks are the path or Navigation to the user to find out the user wanted part by clicking images, text or collections of words.


35. How many extensions are supported by HTML?


HTML supports for two extensions.They are .htm .html extension.


36. What are the advantages of the <br> tag in HTML?


<br> Tag is used to creating a break between the line.


37. In HTML how to change the background color?


The background color can be changed by using following syntax:

<body bgcolor=”blue”>
k]<h1>Enter some text here….</h1>

<p>Background color is blue</p>


38. What is meant by <textarea> in HTML?


A Text area can hold an unlimited number of characters in the can able to undestand by the following syntax.

<textarea rows=”8″ cols=”60”>

39. What is meant by cell spacing in HTML?


The cell spacing attribute is used to create the space between the different cells. It is not supported in the HTML version 5.


40. What is meant by cell padding in HTML?


Cellpadding is used to specify the space between the cell and the cell content. It is also not supported in the HTML 5.


41. What is meant by Canvas in HTML?


In HTML canvas is used to draw a graphics like ellipse, parabola, rectangle, and square.


42. What is meant by progress in HTML?


Progress tag is used to represents the current status of a task.


<progress value="35" max="100"></progress>

In this example, the process is completed up to 35% if it is reached the 100% the process is completed.