Here is the list of Top 58  Android interview questions and answers to know about or collect the

information about the Android Technology.


  1. What is meant by an Android ?


      It is a open source Linux-based platform that is used to manage as a part of mobiles, Tv, Tablets and so on.


  1. Who is the author of an android ?


               The Author of an Android is the legend Andy Rubin


  1. What are the options or layers presents in the Android architecture?


               The following layers or options are presents, They are



  •  Administrations
  • Asset externalization
  • Plan
  • Notice
  • Content providers     


  1. Mentions the some code names of the Android ?
  1. Aestro
  2. Blender
  3. Cupcake
  4. Doughnut
  5. Eclair
  6. Fryo
  7. Gingerbread


  1. In Android what are the upsides are available ?


  1. Open-source
  2. Stage free
  3. Backings different advancements
  4. Virtual machine


  1. There is any chance Android bolster other dialect in Java ?


             Indeed Android application can be produced in C/C++ likewise utilizing android NDK. it is

used to increase the performance in terms of speed. It ought to be utilized with android SDK.



  1. What are the center building pieces available in Android?


  1. Action
  2. View
  3. Exception
  4. Content provider
  5. Administrations and cost


  1. What is meant by actions in Android?


           Action resembles a casing or window in a Java that speaks to GUI. It speaks to one screen of



  1. What are the life-cycles of action available in Android?


  1. oncreate()
  2. onStart()
  3. onResume()
  4. onPause()
  5. onStop()
  6. onRestart()
  7. onDestroy()


  1. What is intent in Android?


        It is a sort of message or data that is passed to the segments. It is used displayed an action,

show a page, send sms, send email and so on.


  1. What are the types of Intent available in Android?


  1. Implicit intent
  2. Explicit intent


  1. What is the role of the implicit intent in Android ?


      It is used to invoke the system components in Android.


  1. What is the role of the Explicit intent in Android?


    The Activity class has been invoked in android by using explicit android.



  1. What is Service in Android?


         A service is a element, it is running in the background. It is utilized to play music, handle

network transactions.


  1. Mentions the name of the database used in Android?


        In Android an open source and lightweight relational databases for mobiles.


  1. What is the full form of AAPT in Android?


         AAPT is the short form of Android Asset Packaging Tool. It is used to handle the packaging



  1. What is the use of the Content provider in Android?


       In Android content provider are used to share the informations between android applications.


  1. What is meant by fragment in Android?


       It is a part of Activity in android. With the help of fragments we can able to display the multiple

screens on one activity.


  1. What is ADB?


      ADB is the short form of Android Debug Bridge. It is an orderline instrument that is utilized to

speak with the emulator case.


  1. What is meant by ANR in Android?


      ANR remains for Applications Not Responding. It is discourse box that shows up if the

application is never again reacting.


  1. What are the features of Android?


  1. Beautiful UI


  1. Connectivity


  1. Storage


  1.  video support


     5. Multitasking


6. Multi touch


    7. Web browser


  1. What are the Categories of 500 available?


  1. Music
  2. sports
  3. News
  4. message
  5. Travel
  6. social media
  7. Lifestyle
  8. utilities
  9. Reference
  10. multimedia
  11. Books
  12. food and drink


  1. When we want to use Android  application ?


  1. Open source
  2. Increase marketing
  3. Inter app integration
  4. less cost
  5. Large  amount of success ratio


  1. What are the types of sections available in Android  architecture?


  1. Application
  2. Application  framework
  3. Libraries
  4. Android runtime
  5.  Linux kernel


  1. Which one is the bottom of  Layer in Android architecture?


           Linux is the bottom of the layer in Android architecture


  1. Which one is the top Layer in Android architecture ?


           In Android architecture  application toppest section.


  1. What are the key services provided by Android architecture ?


  1. activity manager
  2. Content Providers
  3. Resource manager
  4. Notification manager
  5. View system


  1. What are the  famous two options are available to develop  Android application ?


  1. Android studio
  2. Eclipse IDE


  1.  what are the Android libraries available for Android developers?


  1. Android app
  2. Android content
  3. Android database
  4. Android open gl
  5. Android OS
  6.  Android text
  7. Android view
  8. Android widget
  9. Android webkit


  1. Is It Android components are loosely coupled?


        Yes Android components are loosely coupled.


  1.  what are the components are available in Android applications?


  1. activities
  2. Services
  3. Broadcast receivers
  4. content providers


  1. What is the role of activities  in Android application?


     In Android application activities dominate both UI and the user interaction. so this is the role  of

activities in Android application


  1.  which components is used for communication?


     Broadcast receiver is  is the component used for communication in Android application


  1.  which component handle the data the database management issues in Android application?


         content providers is used to handle the data in the database management issues in Android applications.


  1.  what is the role of the content provider in Android application?


        It is used to Transfer the data  one component to another component from one component to another component.  Data storing different ways store the data in the database.


  1. what are the parts of you are available in the content  Android?


  1. prefix
  2. Authority
  3. Data type
  4. ID


  1. What is mean by fragment in Android application?


          This is of activity used to enable more modular activity design and we can able to call sub

activity in a fragment.


  1.  what are the  switch off fragments in Android application?


  1. It is having own layout,  own behaviour itself


  1.   While running the activity we can able to add or remove fragments.


  1.   In a  multiple activities  a fragment can be used


  1. To combine multiple fragments in a single activity


  1.  what are the types of fragments Available in Android application?


  1. single frame
  2.  List
  3. Fragment transaction


  1.  what are the types of layouts available in Android?


  1. Linear layout
  2.  Relative layout
  3. Absolute layout
  4. Framelayout
  5. Listview
  6. Grid view


  1.  what are the  layout attributes in Android application?


  1. ID
  2. Layout width
  3. Layout  height
  4. Layout margin top
  5. Layout margin bottom
  6. layout margin left
  7. layout margin right
  8. Layout  gravity
  9.  layout_ x
  10.  Layout_ y
  11. padding left
  12. Padding Right
  13. Padding Top
  14. Padding Bottom


  1. Mentions some UI controls in the Android?


  1. Textview
  2. Edittext
  3. AutocompleteTextview
  4. Button
  5. Imagebutton
  6. Checkbox
  7. Radiogroup
  8. Radiobuttoon


  1. Android framework maintains which type of event?


        Android framework is maintaining the FIFO(First In First Out) manner.


  1. What is the use of the events in the Android?


           Events are used to create the better interactions to the users by using the applications.Like touch the screen.


  1. What are the concepts are related to the Android event management?


       There are three event options are available.They are


  1. Event listeners
  2. Event listeners Registration
  3. Event Handlers


  1. Mention the types of event listeners available in Android?










47. What are the types of the components support drag and drop functionality?


  1. Drag event class
  2. Drag Listeners
  3. Helper methods and class


  1. What are the four steps involved in the drag and drop process?


  1. Started
  2. Continuing
  3. Dropped
  4. Ended


  1. Mention some important methods available in Dragevent class?


  1. Int getAction()
  2. ClipData getClipData()
  3. ClipDescription getClipDescription()
  4. Boolean getresult()
  5. Float getX()
  6. Float getY()
  7. StringtoString()


50. What are the most frequently used android notification builder classes available?


  1. Notification build()
  2. NotificationCompat.Builder setAutoChannel
  3. NotificationCompat.Builder setContent


  1. The Locations objects are useful for which purpose in Android applications?


       It is used to find out the geographical locations which is consist of latitude,longitude,timestamp etc.


  1. Mention the methods are used to find the location object?


  1. float distanceto()
  2. float getAccuracy()
  3. double getAttitude()
  4. float getbearing()
  5. double getLatitude()
  6. double  getLangitude()
  7. Float getSpeed()
  8. boolean hasAccuracy()
  9. Boolean hasAccuracy()