• A Backlink is one of the most popular words in the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Field and it is used to increase the website ranking by Naturally which means organic(Without making payments).


  • The Links which is coming from out of the website is called “Backlink”. If you have the more backlinks your website has the “N” numbers of traffic on your site.


  • We can able to create the backlink by own on our websites.For example, on your websites there are thousands of pages are available. You are told one topic related keyword in one page shortly and in another page your explained more preferable.


  • You can set the “Backlink” to the more preferable pages by giving a link from the shortly written websites.


Example:   Just imagine this If I have a Hotel the name is like “A” and my competitor also has a Hotel that name is “B”. If My competitor spoke about my website or my services (or) I am speaking about my competitor service in the good manner that is the valuable “Backlink” creation.



  • In Backlink, you want to avoid the Link exchange, Link selling and creating the Backlink from the Spammed websites.


  • Backlink increases the number of  Domain Authority.  The backlink is based on two major things.It is Content Relevant and Content Quality


Guidelines for Backlink Creation:


1. While creating the Backlink you want to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the Websites.


2. The second one assumes I was previously told in this section “Backlink” creation websites must be Relevant to your website.


Example:   You have the Travel websites and some other or your relations having the Homeselling website. If that someone spoke about your website that “Backlink” will create the Bad Impact for your Website and the search engine down the rank of your website.


3. Without Your Knowledge the competitor for your business or the person who has a jealousy, they shared a link to Adult websites it is also a bad Impact on your website.So if you want to avoid this you want to check the number of “Backlinks” come to your websites.


4. Someone or your having the good PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) and the backlinks are coming to your website after that you find out and after that also we can able to cancel it. In Search Console, the options is Disavow is available we can able to clear that kind of unwanted “Backlinks”.



5. And another Three important steps are for the “Backlink” is create the


1.Link Juice


2. No Follow Link


3. Do follow Link


1.Link Juice:


It is created when your web pages or websites related to any of other articles(they spoke about your website on the website of themselves) it passes the link. This is called the “Link Juice”.



2. No Follow Link:


In my blog, I was spoken about and mentioned about some famous persons like “Rahul Dravid” and “Ricky Ponting”. While writing those names on my block I just linked the Wikipedia.


While I am linking I have applied the No follow the link because the link juice of my website is not gone to Wikipedia.


For a blog, The below Image will help you how to create the “No Follow Link”.


In this Image, I am select Ok it is the No follow(Add rel= ‘no follow) link to my website was generated which means the Link Juice is not Passed to out of the website.


3. Do follow Link:



If I am not applying the “No follow” the search engine automatically assumes that is the Do follow a link to your website which means the “Link Juice” of your or my website will go to the Wikipedia.


Advantages of creating the backlinks:


If you are doing some activity you have benefits for you in the world in life manner also.Here it is also you have some benefits for creating the “Backlink”. We will see one by one.


1. New Relationship


2. Brand Awareness


3. Free from Traffic


4. Faster indexing


1. New Relationship:


If you are creating the backlink some peoples are don’t know about your website they are very known about your website and If your articles are relevant to them they will have the relationship with your websites.


2. Brand Awareness:


Not only the Adwords are helping you to promote the brand.The Backlinks also help you to create the awareness of your Business or an Information about the Local organizations.


3. Free from Traffic:


In within our website we are managing but According to SEO world On-page Optimization only is

not important as well as Off-page Optimization is also important. While Google Crawling your

websites the Google algorithm will also give the results based on Organic.


4. Faster indexing:


After the completion of Crawling Google Index, the page to users viewing organic. if you have more backlinks without any bad attempts(Link sharing, Link exchanging, link selling, Links from Spammed websites) the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo will give the fat Indexing.


Note: If you are creating the Backlinks by attempting Bad ways the Google penguins Algorithm will Penalise you.

And some cases there is a chance to disallow your website in google by organic or your website will be rejected by Google.

So this kind of steps will help you to create a "Backlink" to your website.