Domain Authority

Domain :


The domain is the specific address to the internet user to identify the particular information. It is

used by people to place our business websites, personal blogs, education websites etc.. A domain is

understood by a computer in the IP address format. For a user, we are initiating the domain name

on the internet after the computer converts into IP address. Domain names are the collections of

numbers letters.Domain names are classifieds .com,.org,.edu,.gov,.in or .au(in-India,as-Australia).


Domain Authority:


Domain Authority is the Ranking score of the search engines to determine the website quality.DA is

depended upon the root domain, the age of the domain, and also the internal links.DA varies from

0 to 10 or sometimes 1% to 100%.


What are the websites having the Domain authority from 40 it may be in number or percentage it is

considered as a good website in the search engines.




Do you Know What is the reasons to increase the Domain Authority ? :


A. On page Optimization :


To rank the website in search engines on-Page-Optimization is the


most important one. Some of the most important activities for on-page-optimizations are


1. Meta descriptions :


Meta descriptions are most important, In this the descriptions for the whole websites


are mentioned in the descriptions. Meta descriptions are varies for based on the websites.


2. Heading Tags :


Heading tags are most important for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Head


tags are starting from H1 to H6(H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6).


3. keyword Density :


There is an another statics for the SEO is keyword is important. But avoid the keyword stuffing.

While applying the keyword, the keywords are include the “WH” words, which means you want to

include the what?,when?,why?,how etc….


If you want to right about the articles about the  SEO the following paragraphs want to include with

the following questions.


a. What is meant by SEO?

b. Why need SEO?

c. When we need SEO?

d. How to do SEO?


4. Image and Video Optimization :


Image  and video compression is the another important factors for SEO. If you want to

reduce the image size use the . If you are set the video with 20 to 25 minutes that

is much better to your website.


5. Internal Linking :


Create the internal links to your website it will boost the DA(Domain Authority) as well


as PA(Page Authority). If you are taking the Wikipedia they are giving the most links by using


internal linking.


6. Use Search Console :


Using the search console is the most important one. If your competitor share your website links to

decrease your website performance in the irrelevant links thew Disaow tool is very useful to

remove those badlinks.


B. Off-Page-Optimization :

While compared to another optimization off-page-optimization is the most link createable

one. There are different types of Off-page optimizations are available.


1. Social Bookmarking


2. Directory Submissions


3.  Article Submissions


4.  Image Sharing


5.  Forum Submissions


6.  Video Submissions


In this article submissions is the most important effective one. Other methods like Blog

commenting or Guest posting, Social Media sharing is also useful.



C. Make Your Website Must Be a Mobile Friendly :


Now a days mobile usages are most important day by day. you should maintain your Website as a


Mobile friendly. AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) is the most important factor to increase the mobile


speed of your websites.