Domain Authority

Domain :


Domain is the specific address to the internet user to identify the particular information.It is used for people to place the our business websites,personal blogs,education websites etc..


The domain is understood by a computer in the IP address format. For the user, we are initiating the domain name on the internet after the computer converts into IP address.


Doamin names are the collections of numbers letters.Domain names are classifieds
.com,.org,.edu,.gov,.in or .au(in-India, au-Australia.


Domain Authority :

Domain Authority is the Ranking score of the search engines to determine the website quality.DA is

depended upon the root domains, the age of the domain, and also the internal links.DA varies from

0 to 10 or sometimes 1% to 100%.  What are the websites having the Domain authority from 40 it

may be in number or percentage it is considerd as a good websites in the

search engines.



Domain Authority is depends upon the following factors :


1. Total Number of Backlinks

2.  Type of the Backlinks(Do follow or Nofollow)

3.  Links from the root domains

4.   DA of Linking Domains




In Below We are mentioning some most popular Domain Authority (DA) checker to check the domain authority.

Doamin Authority Checker