Page Authority

Do You Know What is meant by Page Authority ? :

Page Authority is the determination of the specific page depends upon the the Moz Rank and

Moz trust. It is the Determination of the specific page it values start from 0(Zero)  to 100.


A high page Authority will leads to the higher rank in the Search Engines (It means it gets the

organic traffics). Higher Rank in search engines leads to the Higher traffic to the websites.


How to Increase the Page Authority ?

The Most important steps to increase the page authority is


  1. Create a Quality content. Most quality content Leads to increase the Authority of the Pages.

2.  Create a More Backlinks, Backlinks are most relevant with High DA(Domain Authority) and

Moz Rank.

3. Use atleast one image(Compressed Image).


What is the Difference Between the Domain Authority and Page Authority?


Domain Authority is the Mertic calculated by the search engines, it is include the score of

the domains and it’s branch domains.


Page Authority is the metric of the individual page calculated by the search engines that is

depends upons the Links to that particular page.