1.What is meant by SEO?


SEO is the process of free from traffic,organic and improve the ranks to the website in search

engines like google,bing,firefox etc..


2. Mention your known search engines?









3. What is the full form of the TLD?


Top Level Domain. It is used to create a relevant to target country in the SEO world.


4. What are the most important features in website maintenance?



Server response time

Web design

Uptime 99.99%

Professional custom support


5. What is the meaning of the “S” in https?


“S” represents the secure socket layer in http.


6. What are the works of the search engines?






7. What is meant by Crawling?


It is the process of the quality checking of a search engine to the websites those present in the search engines.


8. Mention some google presentation methods to the user while searching to the keywords?


Rich data

Local business

Knowledge graph


9. What are the two types of SEO?


1.On page optimization


2. Off page optimization


10. What is meant by on page optimization?


It is the process of optimizing with in the website.


11. What is meant by off page optimization?


It is the process of optimizing the website out of the website. And it is also the process of creating a quality Backlinks.


12. What are the things we want to avoid by search engines guidelines?


Keyword stuffing

Copy paste content

Low quality content

Large size of domain name


13. What are the on page optimization techniques in SEO?


Title selection

Meta description

Image compression

Video compression

Content quality

Keywords must be split and sprink


14. While choosing the title what is the guidelines?


Should be attractive

Less than 70 characters

Must include keyword

Link must contain keyword

Short url is good



15. What is formula for keyword density in SEO?


Number of keywords
—————————– * 100
Number of words


16. How many characters used for meta descriptions?


Around 150 characters is good for meta description.


17. What are important guidelines for image according to SEO environment?


You want to compress the image

Save with your keyword in file name

Add keyword in “alt” tag


18. What are the types of Links in SEO?


Inbound links or backlinks

Outbound links or external links

Internal linking


19. What are the guidelines to create a backlinks?


1. Anchor text or content of the website must be important

2.The website must be high quality or authority


20. What is the difference between nofollow and dofollow in SEO?


No follow : It is the process of avoiding the link juice to the website. We can able to set the nofollow to your own internal pages or competitor websites.


Do follow : It is the process of allowing the link juice to the website.


21. Which link is used for temporary redirection?


The link 302 is used for temporary redirection. It is mainly used for e-commerce websites. For example in festival times if you want to provide some special offers for your business this 303 will be helpful.


22. Is it any Status code available for Internal server error?


Yes, the code for internal server error is 500.


23. What is the code status for permanent redirect and page not found?


Permanent redirect — 301


Page not found —- 404


24. What are the techniques used to maintain the websites from user side?


Google analytics


Keyword planner


Search console


Google trends (used to check the recent trending topics)


Yoast SEO (used for wordpress websites)



25. What are off-page optimization techniques?


Blog commenting


Directory submissions


Forum submissions


Image sharing




Social media engagements


Article submissions


Web 2.0 submissions


Social bookmarking


PPT submission


PDF submissions


Business listings


Q and A submissions


Competitor analysis




26. What are the google algorithms you know?




Humming bird

Rank brain

EMD (Exact Mobile Domain update)




27. What is meant by blog commenting ?


It is the process of commenting on a website to backlink creation and put a link to the website.


28. Is it Click Through Rate(CTR) is important to the website?


Yes. CTR(Click Through Rate) is important to the websites.


29. What is the recent version of the Pigeon algorithm?


The recent version of the Pigeon is 4.0


30. What is the work of the panda algorithm?


It is used to check the Duplicate, Plagiarised or thin content, user generated spam or keyword stuffing.


31. Is it google is not accept the over optimized text?



Yes. google is not accept the over optimized text



32. What is meant by Backlinks in SEO?


The links which are comes from out of the website is called backlinks.It may be a good or bad backlinks.



33. When the hummingbird algorithm introduced by google?


In the year of 2013 the google algorithm hummingbird has been introduced.


34. What is meant by SERP?


It is the full form Search Engine Result Page. It is used to create a relevant pages to the user by search engines.


35. What is meant by anchor text in SEO?


It is clickable link in hyperlinks.And it is mentioned as follow as


<a href=””>seo ghazana</a>


36. What is meant by slug in SEO?


It is the keyword after the URL. The example given below will help you


In this Profile creation is the slug to this particular page.


37. What is meant by page authority?


It is the process of the determine the page performance or page rank on the search engine result page(SERP). The value of the Page authority varies from 0 t0 100.


38. What is meant by Domain Authority?


It is the process of the determine the specific website performance in the search engines like google,firefox,bing,yahoo and IE.


DA is depends upon the root domains as well as backlinks.


39. What is the score to the Keyword density?


The percentage to the keyword is 2 %(Two percentage)


40. What is meant by competitor analysis?


It is the process of analysing the competitor website on on-page and also create a backlinks in a competitor creation list.


41. What are the tools are used for the competitor analysis?


SEO profiler

Rank signals


42. What is the response time of the server for the SEO?


The server response time should be less than 3 ms.


43. What is meant by alt tag in SEO?


It is the alternative tag to the Image. It is used to display a keyword instead of an image while image is not displaying or low loading time of the website.


44. What is meant by keyword in SEO?


The word is used by the user while searching to the relevant keyword.For example you are search for “online shoes”.


In this online shoes is the keyword.


45. What is meant by Directory submission?


It is the one way of creating a quality backlinks to the websites. It is process of submitting

directory about your website under specific category.


46. Mention the famous forum submissions websites that you know?







47. What is meant by forum submissions in SEO?


It is process of asking or submitting or discussing about particular topic or product for that advantages and disadvantages.



48. What are the Q and A websites you know?



Yahoo answers


Google answers


49. What are social medias you know?







Google plus


50. What is meant by Google map in SEO?


It is the map in search engines to tell about the business name, address, services and phone number of the website or local business or people relevant services.


51. What are the types of the searches available in SEO?



Organic — Unpaid

Inorganic — paid